Ella Rammelt

Ella Rammelt was born in 2002 - Now 14 years later, she’s predicted a brilliant future as both a songwriter and a performing artist. With a personal and talented expression in her voice and her lyrics she sounds like a natural heir to Swedish pop queens such as Veronica Maggio, Little Jinder and Julia Adams and she has already accomplished more than would be expected from someone at her young age.

Raised in the Stockholm suburb of Åkersberga she’s basically like any other teenager: she goes to school (musical school) during the days and then dance and sing on her spare time. The biggest difference between Ella and other teenagers is that she is already an established songwriter and has clear goals of how her future is going to develop; ”My dreams for the future is to work with music and be able to tour… And I want my music to help people in the same way that other artist’s have helped me. I also want to stand up for human equality and that everyone on this earth have the right to be exactly who they are - regardless of nationality, skin color or sexual orientation”.

In 2014 she took a big step towards realizing her dreams of working with music. She was twelve years old when she entered the stage at Lilla Melodifestivalen, which was broadcasted on national Swedish television (Jr. Eurovision song contest). A new Swedish pop star was born right there and then. ”Lilla Melodifestivalen was an incredible experience for me. I got to know so many new people and was able to fulfill a dream that I never thought would come true - To stand at Gröna Lund’s big stage and perform my own song in front of a big crowd and all TV-cameras. It was absolutely indescribable”.

Two years later, in February 2016, she took another big step closer to her dream of working with music by signing with the music publishing company Mars Music - an agreement that gives her a great chance to develop as both a songwriter and a performer.

No one can predict where the story of Ella Rammelt will end up but a qualified guess is that she will have a longer career than most of us mortals. Ella herself says that her happiest moments are when she is performing live on stage and she will be doing so for a long, long time.