Brothers Among Wera

The Stockholm band ”Brothers Among Wera” has, during the current year, lighted up the Stockholm underground scene with a new form of folk-rock which has been very well received by both audiences and critics. With Wera West Holm on vocals, Linus Hasselberg (lyrics and music) on guitar and banjo, and Roméo Sjöberg (producer) on bass, the trio played at larger and larger venues after the (3+4 on stage=) seven-piece band's first gig supporting Miss Li. The first live video recording was released and quickly spread, now with 20.000 views on Youtube. In the autumn of 2013 BAW signed with Mars Music and a new phase in their career began. The single ”Waltz" was released on October 25 with an EP closely following and in October/November the band had their first tour which took them on a trip across and around Sweden. The following comments abound in social media:

"Oh my God.. I do not know where to go.. Not often you hear such a pure talent. Very good work...!", "Wonderful lyrics, great song and wonderful melody ",
"Very, very good! listen daily on your songs. Looking forward to the album!"
"Have been listening to this song for... about... 37 times today. It's amazing! So beautiful! I’m waiting for your album! Please come to Roskilde Festival so we can salute you."