Fontäns introverted, idiosyncratic take on Krautrock, psychedelia and chamber music has given birth to Winterhwila, their debut album, released on Swedish label Information, the label run by fellow Swedish duo Studio.

Driving, balaeric sun-kissed moments and reminiscent of the rolling tempos of Can and the Happy Mondays, with ethereal vocals layered that wash in and out of focus. Guitar parts come from all angles to create lush instrumen-
tals. Celestial strings and psych-disco, thrilling guitar licks and dreamlike sound-scapes instil this album with an otherworldly feel, a record of musical voyages across the universe. It is this feel that gave rise to the album title. ‘Winterhwila’ comes from an ancient Swedish word and means ‘winter hibernation’ and it encapsulates this
sense of being otherness and disconnected feel.