Mars Music’s objective is involvement with all aspects of the music publishing business today, including creative investment and marketing of new talent and state-of-the-art representation of established publishing companies around the world.

Already representing A.Schroeder International, Mattie Music Group (Bill Withers), Corday Productions (Days of Our Lives), Marada / French Fried, Median Music, Colton Entertainment, Because Editions, Native Tongue Music Publishing, Beggars Music, Sailor/Silk Stocking Music (Steve Miller Band), Roba Music, Act, Jamie, World Circuit,1630, Premier, Massive, Evolution Music Partners, Berkely Square Publishing and Rec Rec Records & Publishing, just to name a few.

Writer/artists include Jenny Wilson, Stiko Per Larsson, Niklas von Arnold, Killerball, Patrizia, Eye Travel, Max Månsson, Thomas Lindahl a.o.

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